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The impact of fantasy sports on MLB players

Posted on: April 28, 2008 4:37 pm
You all have probably considered this.

I would have to assume that to some degree, major league players are in tune to what is happening in the fantasy world. After all, I also assume that with millions of dollars invested in their daily and weekly achievements they would be interested in knowing what us "experts" think at any given moment.

Not that they don't have enough to think about....but who handles it the best?

That is the question I now think about as to the"character" of players. A factor often disregarded by fantasy players when evaluating projections. We rely on the Guru's that post these projections to help us determine our strategies.

I use these following examples from direct experience and impact....I realize players have certain challenges that affect them all uniquely. But how do you explain some of the fluctuations with certain player stats?

We all know about steroids....but for the last two to three years, I think it fair to say that the majority of players have been very aware of these pending situations and consequences.

So for instance, last year players like Bay, Hafner and A. Jones had major skids.....this year Dunn, Pena, Garko, Verlander, far...well I could go on. And I refer mostly to underachieving....

My point is...though I would like to think most clubhouses joke at this stuff and belittle it.....I would also assume that some players go to the plate or mound...thinking about the impact of their performance at a fan level...which was not even a consideration 20 years ago..and has gotten more intense in the last far as the fan involvement goes. Do they try too hard or are they preoccupied with peripherals that hinder their ability to perform as expected? Based on sure calls to question a players phsyche!

The reason I think it hits MLB harder is because it is the one sport you have time to think about things..... compared to NFL, NBA or NHL where as the outcome is so reactionary and spontaneous when it comes to the statistical is hard to phathom that fantasy has nearly the impact on performance at a phsycological level.....

Any thoughts on that?

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Posted on: March 5, 2010 3:37 pm

The impact of fantasy sports on MLB players

Revisiting an old article...been a while.

My reply to UNC is that making a good or bad throw doesn't necessarily equate into statistical measures for most roto leagues. My point have time in the have time in the on deck circle...heck you have time in the batters box and on the contemplate your next move or adjustment. Yes hitting a ball and catching a ball is reactionary..but everything leading up to that point is almost at a stand still.

That is why in my question of debate....does fantasy have any impact on a players performance based on the fact that now well over 20 years ago this was not even an inkling in a players mind.

And compared to most sports where once you are on the are moving and reacting nearly every second of the game. No time to consider certain just happens! Unlike baseball where there is no time limit.

 I think time, coupled with the pressures to in no other sport are statistics such a measure of a players has its goons, basketball and football have one dimensional players for a purpose. But in baseball you have to be mutli-dimensional in several aspects of the game per position to be a starter or even considered as a fantasy draft choice. Nobody in fantasy baseball drafts a totally one dimensional (or statistical) player as part of a starting roster unless you are desperate.

And might I remind most...fantasy sports started with baseball. It is the truly best fantasy game out there for the purists. Football is great and seemingly has taken the number 1 position relative to popularity.....but I find it much less challenging and gratifying...or worth the time.

then with steroids so predominate in the culture (or the use and tesing of)...maybe things will change where consistency will be less deviated from as compared to the golden days.....where you could count on some things. But that is another debate!

Hell....maybe steroids and fantasy have a relationship...there is a time correlation when you think about it!  

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Posted on: April 28, 2008 7:25 pm

The impact of fantasy sports on MLB players

i disagree because what about the 1 game a week in football and the 3 to 4 a week in basketball? in baseball you have games every day with the occasional off day. i play third base in little league and you think about things, but you also have lots of chances to make it up. you make a bad throw, whatever get up and make a perfect one next time.

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